Деканат МФФ получил приглашение Ассоциации международных образовательных обменов из Пекина для направления в Китай студентов для участия международной образовательной конференции CEE, которая состоится 22-30 октября 2016 в Пекине, Чэнду, Гуанчжоу и Шанхае.
China Education Expo (CEE), hosted by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), has been staged successfully for 16 years since 2000. 

As the leading events dedicated to recruitment market in China, it will continue to provide the direct, authoritative and international platform to meet face-to-face with your target visitors. It is also set to present overseas schools a great opportunity to showcase the quality programs, courses and curriculum by touring Beijing, Shanghai and some other cities, the most important recruitment markets across the country. 

A Proven Success Story Continued 

CEE 2015 saw 20 national pavilions’ participation, including Belgium, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the UK and USA. These countries highlighted what they could offer to the Chinese students, presenting a world of opportunities for every student who wishes to broaden his horizon. 

The visitor flow in recent years suggested that country pavilions become the trusted source of information and insight that put your schools into perspective. By consolidating your quality schools in the pavilion, the national brands will generate more visibility, thus your schools will ultimately benefit from it in this international education event. 

Credibility Makes a Difference 

Throughout the past 16 years, the organizer has aimed at bringing truly quality schools to China Education Expo, putting the worldwide education excellence in the spotlight, letting the face-to-face interaction work to the advantage of exhibitors and visitors. According to the post event reports, nearly 67% of visitors in Beijing and Shanghai came to the expo in the hope of meeting and interacting directly with schools for the quality information. Schools are highly acclaimed as a trusted source of information. 

Quality visitors with a clear goal were being ensured 

The most visible groups were college students with bachelor degrees, taking up two-thirds in Beijing and Shanghai. More importantly, about 68% of visitors in Beijing and Shanghai were ready to go abroad in one to two years' time. 

Growing with the World's Most Dynamic Recruitment Market… 

The number of Chinese students studying abroad has been growing steadily, from 413,900 students in 2013 to 459,800 in 2014, the annual growth rate reached 11.09%. 2015 it was expected to top 510,000. 

China Education Expo 2016, A Tailor-made Combination of B2C and B2B Will Serve Your Future Strategy better!
Facilitating Your Recruitment: Face-to-face Interviewing with the Right Student in China 

604 overseas schools participated at China Education Expo 2015, nearly 50,000 visitors were brought to Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai – the most important education hubs in China. Featuring a dynamic on-site interview of more than 120 schools, carrying in-depth discussion at the booth, and guide them to their dream schools in future – China Education Expo is your best opportunity to meet with the right student, raise your institution’s profile and facilitate your recruitment in the coming years.

The Post-Event Report suggested that above 52% of students prefer to carry out a face-to-face interviewing, thanks to the fact that authorized personnel from overseas institutions are highly trustworthy.

The Post-Event Report shows that above 20% of overseas schools interviewed students on site during the two-day event, and most of them think it’s helpful to their recruitment.